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Our History


In 2020, the Jackson City Council unanimously voted to create the MLK Corridor Improvement Authority, a group dedicated to redevelopment efforts along MLK Drive and Prospect Street. The MLK Corridor Improvement Authority is a ten-member board that directs planning and investments for this initiative. We’re proud to work with citizens and local business owners to envision and create a more vibrant and competitive MLK Corridor.

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Map of the MLK CIA


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Current boundaries of the MLK Corridor include S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive from Downtown Jackson to the City Limits at W. South Street and Prospect Street in its entirety from Fourth Street to Cooper Street, as well as commercial properties along the MLK Equality Trail.

Our Mission & Vision

The MLK Corridor Improvement Authority promotes economic growth and development by aiding in the reinvestment and revitalization of property and supporting community and business opportunities within its district area.



The MLK Corridor Improvement Authority will further enhance Jackson’s Southside into a thriving, world-class community experiencing economic prosperity, committed and dedicated to diversity and inclusion, while maintaining high ethical standards.


Our Partners

Residents + Property Owners

Creating safe and well-resourced neighborhoods is a key part of our revitalization. MLKCIA engages residents and property owners to gather feedback and provide information, referrals, and assistance concerning their residences and local community.


Supporting and growing Jackson businesses is crucial to our success. MLKCIA connects business owners with resources and information to help them achieve their goals. 

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Our Board

With our Community. For our Community. Together, we are turning visions into reality along the MLK Corridor.

Members of our community comprise the MLK Corridor Improvement Authority (MLKCIA). We are committed to building upon Southside Jackson’s strong foundation of excellence and creating an even brighter future. Together, we can Revive the Southside. 

  • Daniel Mahoney - Mayor

  • Arlene Robinson – City Council representative

  • Diane Washington

  • James Johnson

  • Mindy Bradish-Orta

  • Philicia Richmond

  • Thaddeus Williams

  • George Brown

  • Anthony Parker

  • John Willis

Informational Meeting Schedule & Board Minutes


The MLKCIA welcomes community participation in our meetings. Agendas, minutes, decision documents, and more are posted regularly for public access. Meetings are held at the MLK Recreation Center, 1107 Adrian Street, Jackson, MI 49203. 

​2024 Schedule:

  • January 25th

  • February 22nd

  • March 28th

  • April 25th

  • May 23rd

  • June 27th

  • July 25th

  • August 29th

  • September 26th

  • October 31st

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