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Continuing Our Legacy
History. Culture. Prosperity.

MLK Drive is the first Jackson thoroughfare named for an African American person, and its renaming symbolizes how much our Southside is rooted in African American culture and history. Over generations, the Southside saw freed slaves envisioning new lives, activists and allies fighting for civil rights, entrepreneurs building thriving businesses, and African American-run newspapers sharing the successes and achievements within our neighborhood. It was vibrant, it was prosperous, and most importantly, it was home. 


In the years since, disinvestment has stripped the Southside of its landmarks and stories. MLK CIA is working with residents and business owners to restore our legacy and honor our history. Together, we can fill these streets again with the welcoming homes and bustling local businesses our residents desire. Together, we can remember our past, reinvent our future, and Revive the Southside. 

RE: Imagine

RE: Design

RE: Develop

RE: Vitalize

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